Knowledge Programme

IBTM Wired Knowledge Programme

Each day at IBTM Wired will provide key insights into the 5 regions around the globe, from industry outlooks to expert opinions so, by attending all four days, you’ll have a detailed view of everything going on in the world to help you discover new opportunities, expanded areas of focus, and updated information on each region’s recovery and goals.

Some of the expert speakers joining us online for IBTM Wired are: Stephen Attenborough, Commercial Director for Virgin Galactic; Alistair Turner, Managing Director for EIGHT PR & Marketing and producer of the IBTM World Global Trends Report; and Jessie States, Director of the MPI Academy.

Our IBTM portfolio colours will lead the content themes for each day and the key topics we will be shining a light on are:

Day 1

Spotlight on Asia Pacific, represented by the colour INDIGO, will also explore new ways of thinking and innovation

Day 2

Spotlight on Americas, characterised by its signature PURPLE, will delve into quality experiences and premium service

Day 3

Spotlight on Africa and the Middle East, embodied by the colours YELLOW and ORANGE, will focus on networking, data and analysis, and energy

Day 4

Spotlight on Europe, represented by the iconic IBTM RED, will focus on power and success within learning and development

Get accredited at IBTM Wired

IBTM Wired has been approved by the Events Industry Council (EIC) as a Preferred Provider of continuing education courses, which qualify for CMP continuing education credit, meaning that al of IBTM Wired’s conference sessions can go towards your accreditation.

Determination of continuing education credit eligibility or Preferred Provider status does not imply EIC’s endorsement or assessment of education quality.”   

SMF x IBTM Wired

For the first edition of IBTM Wired, we are partnering with SACEOS to deliver SMF x IBTM Wired, a live conference taking place on Day 1 of the show!

It will be delivered both live in-person and online, taking place at Marina Bay Sands (Level 5) in Singapore for Singapore-based attendees, and broadcasted online to all IBTM Wired attendees on the virtual platform.

If you are based in Singapore and would like to attend in person, simply register to attend IBTM Wired through our registration form and you will be able to choose the option to attend physically.

Day 1 of IBTM Wired is focused on providing a spotlight for the Asia Pacific region, and also exploring new ways of thinking and innovation. Take a look at the full conference agenda here.

Programme Topics

The IBTM Wired virtual conference programme will be delivered on IBTM TV on our online event platform and will cover the following themes:

  • Regional industry trends reports
  • Hybrid event strategy
  • Sustainability
  • Personal and career development
  • New event technologies
  • Attendee engagement
  • Future exhibition planning
  • Health and safety measures for recovery
  • Women in leadership
  • Future of associations
  • Influencer marketing
  • Leadership development
  • Developing event models

Programme Highlights

Developing a business culture of innovation and leadership through care and compassion - the ripple effect of a wellness culture (Middle East and Africa – Day 3)

Innovation and leadership as an attitude have proven to be important keys for the success of businesses across all industries. The challenge seems to be how to prioritise the human elements of kindness and compassion and intertwine them with effectiveness and productivity. In this dynamic session we will cover the “power of why” and explain how this can positively influence individual wellness and help develop a business culture of growth and innovation.

Looking Ahead - A practical Perspective on the Industry (Europe – Day 4)

While vaccine roll-outs, immunity passports and growing confidence now offer a brighter light at the end of the COVID tunnel, industry recovery is unlikely to be either simple or immediate. To meet that reality, industry professionals will have to come to grips with many new challenges and dynamics which will in some cases fundamentally re-shape the form, economics, participation and expectations of business events as we have known them.

Your Future Ready career (IBTM Americas – Day 2)

Pre-pandemic, PwC estimated that in 15 years 38 percent of all jobs would be lost to automation, and the current crisis has only accelerated the transition of the workforce to knowledge work. Likely to go first will be those that rely on set procedures, routine and repetitive tasks. In order for meeting professionals to survive the Tech Revolution, we must redefine our roles as business drivers and strategists who contribute to bottom lines by delivering return on investment, experience or objective. What are the skills hiring managers are seeking to fill the meetings role of the future, and what professional development do you need to reimagine how you contribute to the business bottom line?